Sunday, October 5, 2014

Library Links and Google Scholar

If you want to see what journals are available in area libraries, you can use personal settings in Google Scholar to display the holdings of up to five libraries. First you must register with Google and be logged in. Then go to Google Scholar, click Settings (in the upper right), and choose Library Links (from the left sidebar).

Search for the libraries you want to have displayed. Check them off, and save when you are done.

Be aware that while you can see that there are holdings, you will be able to open any online articles ONLY if you are affiliated with the school. That is, your CBU log-in credentials will work on subscription articles flagged with "Full-Text @ CBU Library," but you won't be able to open subscriptions that belong to other institutions.

This is just a method of seeing what's available before you pay a visit to another library. Knowing what's there in advance can save you some time.

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