Sunday, September 28, 2014

My EBSCOhost - Your Personal Settings

Setting up a personal My EBSCO account lets you customize our EBSCOHost databases according to your preference. You can change turn on (or off) autocomplete; you can set the number of results and the number of columns to display on a page. You choose your favorite citation display (MLA, APA, etc.), among other things. All these would take effect whenever you log into My EBSCO.

In addition, your My EBSCO account can be used to save work. Your search history (from any logged in session) is maintained, so you can go back to work from an earlier day. You can save citations, and access them whenever you log in--no matter what computer you use.

While it's not required that you register with EBSCO--its powerful search capabilities are available whether you are logged in or not, the personalization options can be useful, especially if you intend to investigate the same topic over time.

EBSCOHost databases include Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, CINAHL, ERIC, and more.

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