Sunday, September 21, 2014

Business Skills in Access Engineering (and Knovel, too)

Business majors! MBA cohort members!

You may want to take a look at our engineering ebook collections, Access Engineering and Knovel. Both of them include a variety of useful online texts, particularly in relation to project management. Available titles include:

Bringing Out the Best in People, in Access Engineering
Communicating Effectively, in Access Engineering
Conflict Resolution, in Access Engineering
Business Process Improvement Toolbox, in Knovel
The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality, in Access Engineering
Finance for the Non-Financial Manager, in Access Engineering
From Concept to Customer  - Portfolio, Pipeline, and Strategic Project Management, in Knovel
Global Innovation Science Handbook, in Access Engineering
Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, in Knovel
Manager's Guide to Business Writing, in Access Engineering
Managing Teams, in Access Engineering
Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, in Knovel
Power of Business Process Improvement - 10 Simple Steps ... , in Knovel
Practice Standard for Project Estimating, in Knovel
Project Management - Planning and Control, in Knovel
Writing Winning Business Proposals, in Access Engineering

And it should go without saying that students in our engineering management programs will find these resources useful.

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