Friday, August 1, 2014

CBC at the WWI Preparedness Parade

Chapter 6 of The Christian Brothers in Memphis: A Chronicle of One Hundred Years: 1871-1971 is "The War Years, 1914-1918." It gives an account of the school during that time: although the preparatory school remained open, the college was closed for many of the war years.

"Memphis, in common with other cities, staged a preparedness parade at the beginning of June 1916 as a proof of its virile Americanism. The organizing committee announced that any physically able man who did not participate would be 'a slacker hiding behind the skirts of women lining the parade route.' Twenty thousand men marched down Main Street, with the students of CBC eager participants. In the History of C.B.C., we read: 'On Saturday, June 3, at 3 o'clock, the students under the training and direction of Brother Hilbert William, took part in the Preparedeness Parade. Their appearance, behavior, and marching was one of the best features of the entire parade.' "

--W.J. Battersby (1971)

You can find the book in the Battersby LaSallian collection on the Main Floor of the Library: the call number is 378.14.C55ch.

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