Thursday, July 10, 2014

Encyclopedia of International Games

If you are looking for information about an international gaming event, Daniel Bell's The Encyclopedia of International Games (2013) is for you.

Don't just think you'll be reading about the Olympics, however. While you'll find all sorts of detailed information about the Olympics, many other games are included as well: look up, for example, the Arctic Winter Games, the Games of the Small Countries of Europe, Academic Olympia, the Baltic Sea Games, the Firefighters World Games, the Nordic Games, or the World Medical Games.

Depending on what information is available, you'll find at the least the years of the games, host cities, host nations, and the dates. Additional information can include the numbers of athletes, sports, participating nations, venues, and medals given. Descriptive text and further data may be available for each year of a game.

Appendices list games by year, by nation, and by host city. Appendix 7, "Other Games," lists games for which no information has yet been found, with an invitation to other researchers to investigate.

The Encyclopedia of International Games is part of our Credo Online collection of reference works. 

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