Friday, December 6, 2013

Knovel eBook: Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry

The fourth edition of Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry (Elsevier, 2013), by Gregory Choppin et al., is part of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering section of our Knovel eBook subscription. This major work on the subject starts with the origin of nuclear science and includes chapters on elementary particles; nuclei, isotopes, and isotope separation; unstable nuclei and radioactive decay; nuclear structure; the energetics of nuclear reaction; the nuclear fuel cycle; and more. Teaching aids, such as self-tests, are included.

An element and nuclide index offers quick connections to relevant pages.

Knovel eBook collections provide online access to reference works in scientific fields. Our subscription covers Biochemistry Biology, Biotechnology; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; General Engineering and Project Administration; and Manufacturing Engineering.

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