Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Journal finding vs. Database searching

There are many paths to the same piece of information. The path you choose--and your success at finding particular information--depends on the information you already have.

If you are looking for a journal article, which do you choose: Articles and Databases or Journals?

If you must find an article in a particular journal, like Nature or the Harvard Business Review, use Journals. You'll type in the journal name and be presented with options to access the journal online. Choose the option covering the dates you need, and once on the journal page, you can either drill down to a specific year and month or search within the journal for the article you need to find.

If you aren't looking for a particular journal, but rather, for articles on a topic, you should use Articles and Databases. Pick a database in your subject area. Academic Search Premier is a good choice if you aren't sure because it covers all subjects. Type in words relevant to the topic you want to find; a list of possible articles from all sorts of journals will appear.

Remember, using Journals takes you to the package; Articles and Databases takes you to the content.

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