Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Other Unavailable Government Sites

In addition to databases like ERIC and PubMed, all websites of the Library of Congress are down for the duration of the government shutdown: this includes American Memory, which makes historic photos and maps available online to the public; Chronicling America, with its collection of fulltext historic newspapers; and Country Studies, with information about other countries.

Except for sites necessary to protect lives and property, sites from the U.S. Geological Survey are also unavailable, such as LandSat, which provides images of the world from space; the USGS Topographical Maps; and more.The same is true for all NASA websites.

If a U.S. government site remains up, be aware that it will not be updated and any web-based request may not be answered until after the shutdown ends. Government employees may not have access to their e-mail or their voice mail so any sort of request for information may not receive a response until after the shutdown.

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  1. Access to the Library of Congress' websites has been restored - See :