Saturday, August 10, 2013

Linking to Library Resources

Faculty, remember the best way to comply with copyright law in your online course offerings is to link to items from among the library's licensed collections and databases. Don't scan and upload material: link to it.

Many databases provide direct links that can be used in this way: they may be called stable URLs, persistent links, document links, or permalinks. Whatever the name, the stable URL is what you should look for if you want a properly functioning link--grabbing the code from the navigation bar may not work consistently. That line of code may be a URL, but it can be an un-stable one, particularly if you came upon it when searching within a database.

A stable URL can be used as a shortcut to an article.

When it comes of off-campus access, however, even a stable URL may not be enough. You may have to insert the EZproxy prefix before the stable URL. CBU's EZproxy code is:

The URL should follow the equal sign without any break or spacing--for example:

For instructions specific to each of our subscribed databases, see our page Copyright-friendly E-Reading Lists; we also have a PowerPointTM that walks you through the steps of creating a link.

Some of our subscribed databases include CBU's EZproxy automatically: all the EBSCO databases, Films on Demand, and Vast Academic Videos.

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