Monday, August 26, 2013

Hot Topics - CQ Researcher

Looking for material on a hot topic?

CQ Researcher is one of the best places you can start. The database provides fulltext, online access to 90 years worth of in-depth, journalistic analysis of major topics of the day, with background material, pros, cons, charts, data, and references for further reading. Current hot topics include abortion, animal rights, bullying, climate change, death penalty, economy, education, gay rights, gun control, health care, immigration, legalizing marijuana, obesity, and more. Multiple reports may be available on various aspects of each topic. With reports dating back to 1923, you can see how viewpoints may have changed over time.

New reports are continually added. Check out the newest ones: "Sexual Assault in the Military", "Telecommuting," "Preparing for Disaster."

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