Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Battersby Lasallian Collection

Two years ago, Brother Terence McLaughlin approached us about creating a Lasallian Collection in Plough Library. We were enthusiastic about this idea and proceeded to catalog several boxes of books provided by Br. Terence. These included biographies of St. John Baptist de la Salle, books on the history of the Order and Lasallian education, and books by and about various Christian Brothers.

Br. Terence requested that we name it the Battersby Lasallian Collection, after William John Battersby (Brother Clair Stanislaus, F.S.C.), a Christian Brother and prolific author of several major works about the Order. Br. Terence has also authored books in the collection, including The Passing of the Baton (2008), about the Lasallian Movement’s transition to include more lay men and women, and Silent Acceptance (2012), about the integration of Christian Brothers High School in 1963.

The Battersby Lasallian Collection is permanently located at the very end of our Reference shelves in the northwest corner of the Library’s main floor, and it is continually growing. One source of additional books will be the many Lasallian books the Library has had in the general collection for decades. These will be moved from the third floor down to join the Battersby Collection. Br. Terence occasionally brings more books over as he downsizes the Brothers’ library in Lambert Hall. We also purchase new Lasallian books as they are published.

Currently, we have a special display of selected books from the Battersby Lasallian Collection.  Located next to the Reference Desk, the display will soon include some of Brother Francisco Martin’s miniature paintings. 

Books in the Battersby Lasallian Collection may be checked out for the same length of time as books in our general circulating collection. Take some time to explore these resources and learn more about both our Lasallian heritage and our future.

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