Thursday, July 4, 2013

Science classics online

Knovel eBooks are available online to students, faculty and staff of Christian Brothers University and include reference works in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, General Engineering/Project Management, Manufacturing Engineering, and Biochemistry/Biology/Biotechnology. Several of Dover Publications' classic scientific works have recently been added to our Knovel eBooks collection.
  • General Chemistry (1970), by Linus Pauling,
  • Introduction to Crystallography (1975), by Donald Sands,
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Chemical Applications (1963), by Linus Pauling and E. Bright Wilson, Jr.,
  • Electronic Structure and the Properties of Solids - the Physics of the Chemical Bond (1989), by Walter A. Harrison
  • Understanding Thermodynamics (1969), by H. C. Van Ness,
  • Vectors, Tensors and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics (1962), Rutherford Aris,
  • Theoretical Kinematics (1979), by O. Bottema and B. Roth,
  • Strength of Materials (1977), by J.P. Den Hartog
  • Methods of Thermodynamics (1965), by Howard Reiss
  • Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics (1986), by Terrell Hill
  • Introduction to Analysis (1968), by Maxwell Rosenlicht
  • Advanced Strength of Materials (1952), by J.P. Den Hartog

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