Thursday, June 27, 2013

Use RefWorks to generate sample citations

Say you don't want to generate a full bibliography--you just want to check the formatting of a citation in a style you're unfamiliar with. RefWorks can help you there.

You will have to have a RefWorks account,--which, if you're a student, staff or faculty member at CBU, is easy enough to acquire. If you import citations into RefWorks, you'll be able to see actual examples of citations drawn from articles you're actually interested in. Generic citations are also available, however.

To register, just go to our RefWorks information page and follow the steps under "Register." Then sign into RefWorks, click on the Bibliography tab, and select "Preview Output Style." At the top of the preview page, select a style--APA 6th, Chicago 15th, Council of Biology Editors 7th, Harvard Business Review, or any of literally hundreds of other styles--and you'll see examples of bibliography entries, in-text citations, and footnotes for abstracts, artwork, bills and resolutions, editions of books, whole books, sections of books, cases and court decisions, conference proceedings, grants, journal articles, and more.

Remember, however, the true power of RefWorks lies in its ability to generate entire bibliographies. To be able to do that, you'll need to start building yourself a database by importing relevant citations. Don't wait til the paper is due. Start saving references now, and when you need them they'll be there.

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