Monday, June 24, 2013


If you haven't looked at the RefGrab-It tool in RefWorks lately, it's improved.

To activate it, click on the Tools tab in RefWorks, and select the option you want: there are downloads for IE and FireFox, as well as a bookmarklet for both browsers.

The bookmarklet is illustrated here. Once activated, RefGrab-It will occupy a spot on your browser's toolbar. When you are on a webpage that you wish to save to RefWorks, click RefGrab-It. A window will open--like the one shown. There may be multiple selections available, depending on whether the page has associated feeds. Select the reference(s) you want and click the Import to RefWorks button. Citation information will then load into your RefWorks account.

Be aware, however, that all relevant information may not transfer. For example, if an author's name is maintained in a sidebar to the article (for the author of a blog, or a column), it may be left out at import. You would need to edit the author's name into the RefWorks record manually.

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