Tuesday, March 12, 2013

VAST's new videos

Alexander Street's VAST: Academic Video Online collection has added a number of new videos--pushing the number of videos in the collection over 17,000. Titles include:
  • The Agony of Ecstasy
  • American Renegade: Confessions of a Radical Humanist
  • Baby Catchers of the Amazon
  • Garden of the Sloth
  • Greenhouse Gas Issues
  • Lost Gods of Easter Island
  • The Lynchburg Story: Eugenic Sterilization in America
  • A Matter of Time: The Jews of North Africa in World War II
  • The Revolution of Alphabets
  • Searching for a Wife in Rural Serbia
  • Spirits of Mozart
  • St. Matthew's Passion
  • To the Light: the Dark Days of China's Coal Miners
  • The Vampire Fish
VAST videos are available online to students, faculty, and staff of Christian Brothers University.

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