Thursday, February 7, 2013

Opposing Viewpoints database

Hot topics and current events are covered by the Opposing Viewpoints database for a number of broad categories: business and economics, energy and environmentalism, health and medicine, law and politics, science/technology and ethics, society and culture, and war and diplomacy. Although only three sample topics are listed on the main page, each category includes dozens of specific topics; just click "view all" to see the complete list of issues. The category for Business and Economics, for example, includes alcohol and tobacco advertising, biofuels, corporate corruption, gambling, globalization, labor unions, local food movement, social justice, and more.

Each topic listed connects to a page defining the issue as well as pulling together news, websites, articles, images, audios and videos about the topic. Pages can be emailed or bookmarked for later reference.

Opposing Viewpoints can be especially useful for Freshman Composition assignments. 

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