Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vintage Parade Balloons

It wasn't called the Macy's Parade then, but the newsreels still recorded the balloons floating down Broadway in New York City. Take at look at the video clips of parades from the early 1930s extracted from our subscription to Alexander Street's VAST: Academic Videos Online.

(To view, click on a title in the playlist, and select  the Clip tab from the options on the right. Use the "play" arrow under the Clip tab to run the video.)

If you want to make clips from VAST videos, create a registration for yourself and log in. Once you've found material you want to clip, click on the "Make Clip" above the viewing window. Fill in a name for your clip, the beginning and ending counts, and any notes you care to make. Clips are saved to your profile until you are ready to assemble them in a playlist.

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