Monday, November 12, 2012

Journals you might not expect to find

An 1869 issue of The Journal of the Linnean Society. The Deseret Evening News from 1889. L'Arte in Italia (from 1869 through 1873). Dostovevsky Studies. Revues d'Histoire Litteraire de la France. Journal Asiatique. Chinese Medicine. Region y Sociedad. These and thousands of other titles are available through our Journals search tool, located under the FIND tab in the Library's navigation, or in the FIND section of the Library's homepage.

The Journals tool looks for any journal to which we have access--whether through a print or electronic subscription, free online, or indexed in a fulltext database. Type the journal's name into the search box and search. You'll get a list of relevant journal titles with links to their source, be it a website or database. Click on the link and browse the dates to find the issue you need.

Just because a title sounds like something we're unlikely to have, don't assume we lack access. Always check the Journals search tool.

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