Thursday, October 11, 2012

Citation help from EBSCOHost databases

The EBSCOHost databases--Academic Search, ATLA Religion, Business Source, CINAHL, MLA, PsycInfo--all offer citation help with articles found in the databases.

You can generate citations for individual articles as well as for multiple articles at one time.

With a individual article, just open its abstract and click "Cite" on the toolbar on the righthand side of the screen. Examples of the cited article will appear, in AMA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, MLA, and Vancouver styles. Copy-and-paste the appropriate style.  Note: if your style requires hanging indents, you'll have to make them, and you need to proof any database-generated citation carefully. There may be errors, especially as related to URLs and their inclusion.

For multiple citations, add references from the results list to the folder. Once you've made all your selections, go the the folder view and select the items you want to cite. Click the print icon to open a page with print options. Change the standard field format to "Brief citation" and the citation format to whichever style you are using. Again, while you can cut-and-paste, check the formatting and don't just grab everything on the page. Because URL inclusion varies so much among styles, EBSCO lists the URLs for all citations separately. If you need the URL, you can cut-and-paste it into your citation; if not, you can leave it alone.

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