Thursday, September 27, 2012

What do we have from ASCE?

We get the full text of 30+ engineering journals from ASCE (the American Society for Civil Engineering); you can search for them using the ASCE Research Library. Be aware, however, that the ASCE Research Library indexes much more than just journal articles. It also indexes proceedings and these are being referenced on the pages of results you may see without any indication that anything is available in fulltext.

A small "f" in a yellow circle is the sign for fulltext availability, by the way. Unfortunately, the icon only appears in search results, not in browse lists.

Now if you are researching a topic in depth, citations and abstracts--even without the article itself online--are useful. Reading an abstract can let you know whether you actually need the article or not. If you are simply looking for fulltext articles, however, use the publication limiter on the left sidebar.

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