Sunday, April 1, 2012

Books by Peter Kreeft

Christian apologist and philosopher, Peter Kreeft, will speak at CBU's University Theater on Friday, April 20, at 7 p.m. for CBU's Distinguished Catholic Lector Series.

We own several of his books. You'll find them on display on the main floor of Plough Library:
  • Back to Virtue (call # 241.4 K74)
  • Because God is Real: Sixteen Questions, One Answer (call # 282 K74b)
  • Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley (call # 201 K381)
  • Fundamentals of the Faith: Essays in Christian Apologetics (call # 239 K74)
  • Heaven: The Heart's Deepest Longing (call # 236 K74)
  • How to Win the Culture War: A Christian Battle Plan for a Society in Crisis (call # 261 K74)
  • Jesus-Shock (call # 232 K74)
  • Love is Stronger than Death (call # 128.5 K72)
  • A Refutation of Moral Relativism: Interview with an Absolutist (call # 171 K74)
Books can be checked out for 28 days.

Additional writings and audio by Peter Kreeft can be found at his website.

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