Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Searching with Industry Codes

Utilizing business databases' abilities to search by industry codes, such as the NAICS or SIC, can help you retrieve comprehensive results, whether you are looking for industry information or whether you are trying to identify businesses in a catagory. Several of the library's business resources offer various code-searching options:

  • Business Source Premier - Put the letters "IC" before the code to generate a NAICS-based search; either IC 561910 or IC "561910" will work. You will find articles related to the topic in trade publications and academic journals using BSP, as well as market research reports. If you do not know a code, you can search by keyword. Then either scan the NAICS/Industry tags on the left to limit your results, or click the title of a likely article. If a code is associated with the article, it will be hotlinked from the abstract, allowing you to expand your search to access any entry including that code.
  • LexisNexis Academic - First choose "Companies," then "Dossier-Create a Company List," and use NAICS or SIC codes to generate lists of companies. Both SIC and NAICS lookup tools are provided if you don't know exact codes. Search by keyword, or browse the tree; drill down to the code you want; then check it off and click OK to add it to the search box. Additional search boxes at LexisNexis allow you to combine a code with a geographic location or with sales/revenue or number of employees. After adding all your search terms, click "create" to generate a list of relevant companies with addresses. Lists can be customized to include financial data for each company as well.
  • Mergent Online - Boxes for searching by SIC, NAICS, and MIC (Mergent's own industrial code) are available on Mergent's opening screen. Select the appropriate radio button, key in the code and click search to get a list of companies in that category. If you do not know the relevant codes, a "Code Look-Up" tool is available for all three.

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