Sunday, September 21, 2014

Business Skills in Access Engineering (and Knovel, too)

Business majors! MBA cohort members!

You may want to take a look at our engineering ebook collections, Access Engineering and Knovel. Both of them include a variety of useful online texts, particularly in relation to project management. Available titles include:

Bringing Out the Best in People, in Access Engineering
Communicating Effectively, in Access Engineering
Conflict Resolution, in Access Engineering
Business Process Improvement Toolbox, in Knovel
The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality, in Access Engineering
Finance for the Non-Financial Manager, in Access Engineering
From Concept to Customer  - Portfolio, Pipeline, and Strategic Project Management, in Knovel
Global Innovation Science Handbook, in Access Engineering
Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, in Knovel
Manager's Guide to Business Writing, in Access Engineering
Managing Teams, in Access Engineering
Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, in Knovel
Power of Business Process Improvement - 10 Simple Steps ... , in Knovel
Practice Standard for Project Estimating, in Knovel
Project Management - Planning and Control, in Knovel
Writing Winning Business Proposals, in Access Engineering

And it should go without saying that students in our engineering management programs will find these resources useful.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Searching Multiple Databases with EBSCO

Many of the library's subscription databases are on the EBSCO platform, and one of them--Academic Search Premier--is always a good choice for finding journal articles. It covers all disciplines and includes a wide variety of fulltext articles. We have specialized EBSCO databases as well, and sometimes, if you're working on an advanced or specialized topics, you might want to search across multiple databases at once.

EBSCOHost, Choose Databases

 To do this, open any EBSCO database (Academic Search is at the top of the list) and click on the Choose Databases link. You'll see many options: Business Source Premier, the ATLA Religion database, CINAHL (nursing and healthcare), ERIC (education), PsycInfo and PsycArticles. Check off any that seem relevant, and you'll be able to conduct a cross-database search.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Th' meanin' o' fear

As no pirate knows th' meanin' o' fear, lemme direct ye to th' OED as a place t' find out.

Th' OED, or th' Oxford English Diction'ry, has all th' words th' English speak an' then some, tellin' ye what they means.

All ye scurvy dogs what 're associated with CBU can use the OED (an' all th' other fancydan things on th' library page) jus' because ye be Buccaneers.

Non-scurvy Buccaneers need na' give a go'.

Whar do I find a band 'o pirates 'n th' public domain?

Be ye lookin' fer free online pirate books? Ye would'na be a scurvy pirate if ye wanted to pay for 'em so free they must be.

The HathiTrust be the device ye needs. 'Tis a map to treasure it is. Thar be millions o' books ye can read (if read ye can), many o' them in what be known as th' public domain. This means they was publish'd before th' year o' 1923 and thar be no copyright on 'em so thar be no piracy (in a word) in th' use o' them.

"Pirates" be th' topic to hand so look fer that 'n select th' FULL VIEW ONLY. Thar ye'll find over 600 books about bands o' pirates from all 'round th' seven seas: th' Mediterranean, th' China Sea, colonial Virginia, Spain, Algiers, 'n more.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tools for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Here's the official, original Talk Like A Pirate Day website with all sorts of pirate talking history, how-to's, advice, games, and links--including a Pirate Translator.

Here also, is the Post Like A Pirate online app, for those of you who prefer to type like a pirate, that is "fer them 'o ye who prefer to scribe like a scurvy dog."

Remember that CBU students and faculty are invited to make creative videos (one minute maximum) capturing their best Buccaneer pirate spirit! Submit them to CBU’s social media accounts by noon Friday, September 19:
Students will be able to vote for their favorite from among the top five entries. You'll find them on the CBU Events app, which is free and available for download on iPhone and Android devices.

Why Buccaneers?

Ever wonder why we're the Buccaneers? In advance of "Talk Like A Pirate Day", here's the story from our former student newspaper, The Cannon.

The Cannon, Vol. XVII, No. 6 (November 6, 1990)

Read a Banned (Comic) Book

Established by the American Library Association in 1982, and supported by numerous other publishing and free speech organizations, Banned Books Week celebrates works that have been challenged--that is, books on reading lists that someone objects to and tries to have removed, books in libraries that individuals feel are inappropriate and tries to block others from reading. Sometimes challenges are successful; other times, not.

This year's celebration, September 21-27, is specifically dedicated to comics and graphic novels. Throughout their history, works rendered in comics form have drawn particular attention from would-be censors. 

Check out our Banned Books Week research guide, or come to the library to see our display and pick up a freebie.

And while you're here, check out a book -- one that's been banned, challenged, or otherwise.